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BTS masterList Smut - 🔞Fluff - 🌺 Angst - 💢 drabble list askSeries“Two Weeks and A Day BTS x Reader Character Descriptions Prologue to be continued - 🌺💢 Irresistible BTS x Reader. heartbeat. jimin is our lord and savior bts masterlist drabble list @vintaehge. Elemental AU! MoodBoards. masterlist lee's ultimate masterlist bts bangtan social media au bts social media au bts fake texts bts texts bts x reader jimin x reader jungkook x reader taehyung x reader yoongi x reader jimin texts jungkook texts taehyung texts yoongi texts jimin au taehyung au jungkook au yoongi au hoseok texts hoseok au namjoon texts namjoon au jin texts. bts bts suga bts rm bts v bts jin bts jhope bts jungkook bts jimin kim seokjin kim taehyung kim namjoon kim min yoongi park jimin jung hoseok jeon jungkook bts imagines bts one shot bts smut bts scenarios bts masterlist bts x you bts x reader bts x y/n bts fluff bts angst. BTS Soulmate Reaction. bts imagines bts imagine bts soulmate au bangtan sonyeondan bangtan scenarios soulmate au kpop soulmate au bangtan soulmate au bts x reader bts x reader soulmate au. 331 notes. sunnymoonshine55 liked this. foxy-roxie reblogged this from btssoulmateaublog. foxy-roxie.

A New Way Of Life - Demon!au. Originally posted by lostinbangtan. Pairing: Hoseok x reader. Genre/Warnings: nibblets of Fluff, angst, smut, violence. Summary: In a world where demons are in the open and are now a big threat, everyone has to upgrade their homes and always be on guard. There was a new order and everyone had to just get used to it. BTS Reaction: You Leave After A Fight Mafia AU Maknae. bts bts reaction bts reactions bts mafia au bts scenarios bts scenario bts x reader bts maknae line bts maknae line reaction jungkook taehyung jimin park jimin bts fanfic bts fanfiction admin cas kpop kpop reaction kpop reactions kpop x reader kpop scenario kpop scenarios mafia au.

02/10/2017 · Mafia BTS reacting to their child and you being injured “Hey guys, how are you? : I have another post here for ya and I hope y’all enjoy : ” Jin: Jin would be absolutely livid. It’s one bad move to. ☾ werewolf!BTS reaction when they get jealous. requested: no. warnings: werewolf!au; cliche fluff. A/N: I wanted to write smthng like this for a while now so here it is; I hope yall like it bc then imma make more heh~ sry for the hiatus everyone, finals r wild. The pack got together just like every night for a round of drinks and casual. Posted 3 years ago with 2979 notes Saturday, November 5th, 2016 — 12:57AM. bts mafia au blog Requests are Closed for now Become an Admin Today! home. ask. past. theme. Admins Regulation. Get to know the admins. masterlist. Just got off hiatus: Anon asked: BTS reaction to you coming to their workplace in a sexy outfit. Jimin. Originally posted by sosjimin “Yes, I.

13/02/2019 · Yandere! BTS [Mafia AU] This is based on the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn. BTS members are all part of one mafia family, and each member plays an important role. They carry an elemental ring that gives. "Wh-what do y-you want?" You stuttered as you were pushed against the wall. "Princess, it's time I teach you what I mean when I say that you are mine" Jimin chimed as he brought his face closer to your own.

BTS Reaction: You Leave After A Fight Mafia AUHyung LineA/N: Requests are going strong at the moment, and for the fans of my. reaction angst bts hyung line hyung line reaction bts hyung line reaction hyung line x reader bangtan reaction bangtan x reader bts reader insert bts fanfiction bts fanfic kpop kpop reactions kpop. Hybrid!AU Poly!AU Hybrid BTS x Female!Reader Human!Reader,Human!Namjoon,White Persian Cat!Seokjin,Siamese Cat!Yoongi,Border Collie!Hoseok,Calico Cat!Jimin,Australian Shepherd!Taehyung,Siberian Husky!Jungkook. Never Hurt You-Jimin x Readersoulmate AU, Gang au Pt1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt5 A smile tugged at your lips as she posed once more with your friend Kenzie. Giggles escaping from.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. BTS mafia!au reacting to you getting bratty/restless since they don’t allow you out of the house. pairing: bts x reader fandom: bts warnings: mafia!au so everything that comes with it e.g. mentions. sympatheticmom reblogged this from bts-active spuds-potato liked this quicklystickystarlight reblogged this from bts-active. How they react to you being a hybrid. i feel like jungkook is a little shit sometimes bts scenarios bts imagination bts reactions bts reader insert bts bangtan boys jin x reader yoongi x reader hoseok x reader namjoon x reader jimin x reader taehyung x reader jungkook x reader bts. MASTERLIST Last Updated: 5\7\18Angst = ☆ Fluff = ♡ Suggestive = ♤ Leave Requests & Ships: BTS writing prompt Important About Jonghyun About Hate Comments Unfollow me if you support Logan.

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